Service Levels Agreement

Regular Business Hours

ARX Help Desk support hours of operation are 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM PST, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.

After-Hours Support

After-hours support will only be provided for Severe Priority issues. All after-hours .1Is to the Help Desk are forwarded to a voicemail box that is monitored. Issues that are not severe will be addressed the next business day during business hours.

Service Priority Levels

Clients' issues will be remedied within a reasonable time frame, taking into consideration the scale technical severity of the issue. Support requests will be assigned a priority and handled as follows:

low Priority Issue:

A request that does not require immediate resolution and does not affect a user, ability to work. Estimated Response Time = 24 - 46 business hours

Medium Priority Issue:

A general service request or problem that is interfering but not preventing user from working. Estimated Response Time = 6 business hours

High Priority Issue:

Problems affecting a single user and preventing user from working. Estimated Response Time = 4 business hours

Severe Priority Issue:

A problem that affects entire site or a large group of users and interrupts their work. (Estimated Response Time = within 2 business hours)